Personal and Professional Coaching

We have all had a trusted advisor. Sometimes it’s a close friend, sometimes an advice columnist. Even the toughest of men have been known to spill their guts to a friendly bartender. Talking to someone takes courage. Sometimes you need an objective ear that will respect you just for putting yourself out there.

We offer …

·  Life Coaching
·  Career Coaching
·  Business Coaching
·  Executive Coaching

It’s not therapy. It’s education.

Juliana is not a therapist. She is an educator. She uses her expertise in soft skills, communications, emotional intelligence, rapport building, marketing, and strategic business development to help her clients discover their true goals and overcome the obstacles (external and internal) that stand in the way. Whether you’re facing a specific problem or a general rut, we work together on setting and achieving goals that target the kind of life that you value.

360° Coaching

Juliana works with clients on everything from their careers to their relationships. The reality is that our ability to communicate affects our personal and professional success. If we have a chip on our shoulder, it’s obvious when we talk to friends or colleagues. Juliana believes that the formula to success involves harnessing self and social awareness (because they affect our ability to communicate strategically) and then mastering the skill of communications. If you are aware of your issues, tailor your message to your audience, and use communication tools effectively, you can have any available goal. If your goal is in any way achievable (by anyone) why can’t you be the one to make it happen?

Juliana is sensitive to the issues that shape our communications and educates her clients to overcome barriers that belong in the past.

Regular meetings can be held in person, online, or via phone to accommodate a wide range of clients worldwide.

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