Life Coaching

Life Coaching can help you work on a variety of areas in your life. speakUP Life Coaching particularly focuses on Communications. What messages are you telling yourself? What are you telling the world around you? Are these messages causing conflict and unhappiness in your life?  Think about all the ways your life can be affected:

•  Personal happiness

•  Relationships and Divorce

•  Conflict and Anger

•  Difficulty functioning at work and in personal interactions

•  Parenting stress

Think about all the ways you rely on experts to help you in every other aspect of your life. You have a mechanic for your car, a financial adviser, a dentist, etc. Why leave your personal life to chance?

Founder of speakUP Coaching, Juliana T. Cina, believes that we have the ability and capacity to achieve our goals and create harmony in our lives if we nurture the right skills, knowledge, and approaches. Unfortunately we are often guided by ineffective ideas, principles and beliefs. How many ways do you sabotage your success?

Research tells us that we live 70% of our lives in a subconscious automatic mode.

Imagine how many opportunities you are missing. Imagine how many times you are hurting those around you without even realizing it. Imagine the life you can create for yourself if you live a conscious and intentional life that is directly in line with your values and goals.

Youth Coaching

A popular focus today is Life Coaching for Youth. Youth Coaching can begin as young as five years old and extend into early adulthood. Young children are taught through games and activities that stimulate their skill development. For older clients, coaching focuses on identified areas for development. Areas such as public speaking, leadership, and motivation are just a few examples. There are a number of reasons why youth could benefit from Life Coaching. This provides mentorship and guidance for young leaders, creative thinkers, and those who sometimes feel they don’t quite fit in among their peers. Life Coaching provides a sense of belonging and understanding that is necessary to encourage a young person to feel as ease with him/herself and excel in areas of strength.

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