Career Coaching

Career Coaching can help you in a variety of areas of your career life. speakUP Career Coaching particularly focuses on Communications. What messages are you telling yourself? What are you telling the world around you? How are these messages affecting your career? Think about all the ways your career can be affected:

•  Pleasure in your day-to-day work activities

•  Career changes and transitioning

•  Professional development

•  Going back to school

Are you looking to find greater enjoyment from the work you are currently doing? Are you struggling over the prospect of a career change? One of the greatest struggles we face around work and career choices is finding a path that coincides with our values. Finding a career that satisfies our personal needs and values is the only way we can truly find happiness and success in our future. I truly believe that when you do work that rewards you in ways that are important to you, there is nothing that can stop you from growing.

Most of us don’t know what drives us

It is impossible to find a career that meets your needs if you are unaware of what motivates and drives you to succeed. Trouble is, most of us have a very weak sense of self awareness. We spend a lot of time in our heads, but we spend that time repeating messages that others have told us.

speakUP Career Coaching begins with a Discovery Phase to uncover the areas in your life that matter most. We must tap into these in order to find a path that truly suits you. The interesting thing that most of us discover is that we think we know what we want until we get there. Once we arrive at our destination we don’t feel quite like we thought we would. This is simply because we need to measure our goals against our values from the start.

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