Business Coaching

Business Coaching is all about refining the direction of your business and connecting with your target audience. Understanding what motivates your customer is vitally important to the success of your business. speakUP Business Coaching will help you identify marketing strategies and open a dialogue with your market.

Creating an open flow of communication with your customer with today’s technology is like a focus group on overdrive. You don’t have to guess what will sell, you can ask the buyers directly. Of course, this takes strategy and know how.

From start-ups to established enterprises, bringing in a fresh perspective that will shake things up can be a powerful way to achieve growth and progress. Without the objectivity and clarity that an outsider can bring, you may be stuck using yesterday’s strategies to the detriment of your brand.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

·  Communications planning
·  Business Plan Writing and Strategy
·  Marketing strategy
·  New business acquisition
·  RFP submissions
·  Internal team communications
·  Leadership training
·  Staff development

It’s all about the psychology of communication

With the knowledge of what makes people tick we can help you connect with your buyers, refine your brand, improve your team’s performance, and much more. It all starts with a consultation. We even offer a free 30 minute phone consultation or 50% off a full one hour session. Book your time, explain your challenge and we’ll tell you if we can help and how.

Free Consultation

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